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Backyard Chicken Products to SPOIL YOUR FLOCK Series (Part One)

Backyard Chicken Products to SPOIL YOUR FLOCK Series   

I am in love with Small Businesses.  The love and care that is put into each product is incomparable and never ceases to delight me.  I will be doing a series on our favorite backyard chicken businesses over the next few weeks highlighting them and their products!  Part One is dedicated to an amazing lady with an amazing product line!

Part One:

 Messy Mildred

Messy Mildred Chicken Shampoo

Kathee from Messy Mildred is simply one of those ladies that you instantly want to be your best friend.  She is sweet, funny, and just an all around amazing person. I met her months ago when I approached her to do a giveaway with us and I am blessed to say that we became fast friends.  Her amazing Chicken Shampoo was featured in our June box and it was an instant hit with not only our flock members but our subscribers as well!!! I asked Kathee some questions about herself and her business and these were her answers:

Is there a special meaning behind your business name?

Yep! Mildred was my Grandma's name. She was so sweet, kind, quiet and made a killer breakfast.  So, I named one of my fave chickens after her. A wee little black silkie who is sweet, kind, quiet and makes killer eggs for breakfast.  The "Messy" part came in as Mildred is quite a messy chicken, hence wanting to start a shampoo for chickens.

Where are you located?

Seattle, Washingon

Tell us about your roots! What drove you to start your business and when was it started?

I started Messy Mildred about a year ago. I had my first flock for about 1 year at that point. They were getting filthy here in Seattle due to all the rain so I set out to find a shampoo specifically for chickens. I couldn't find anything on the market at the time that was organic and chemical free. Considering how many people I found that bathe their chickens I was shocked. The backyard urban chicken is on the rise and many people are jumping on board with the "house chicken". So why was there no healthy, safe, and crazy cool shampoo?  Why are people reverting to using dog or human shampoo or even dish soap on their birds? I'm an Art Director by trade and create products for a living. So the idea was birthed. I do not find it acceptable that one of the fastest growing household pets does not have their own shampoo and spa line. I certainly don't find it acceptable that my chickens need to borrow shampoo from the family dog. So...I'm changing that. My chickens deserve their very own shampoo with specific organic essential oils that have been used on flocks for years and years. And so far, my customers are agreeing with me and we are on this adventure together!

How many Flock Members do you have?

We have 7

If you had been given one piece of advice going into owning a flock what would it have been?

Buy a farm. You're going to want a LOT of chickens. Kinda like that Pringles slogan, "Once you pop, you can't stop." Once you buy one chicken, you can't stop. It's completely out of control.

What are your Go to Flock Blogs and or IG accounts?

I have so many IG faves but the ones I keep an eye on are @lipstick_and_chickens @hen_stefani @treats4chickens

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I once lived in a miner's shack that had an outhouse and no running water. The shack sat up a canyon outside of Boulder, Colorado. I had to chop my own wood for fires to heat up the cabin, food and my bathing water. I nestled into this lifestyle for a year. It was rough living but a complete blast.

What would you like customers to know most about you?

I'm kind. I'll start there because the world needs more kindness. So do our animals. I'm honest. I've built the Messy Mildred brand on this word. My product, my work ethic, my customer service is all done with honesty. There is NO other option here. I'm funny. I don't say this in a bragging way. Like I'm not funny funny like in jokes funny. More my communication and heart. I get this from my sweet dad. He always loved us above and beyond, taught us to dream, instilled work ethic while putting family first, and taught us our faith in God could move mountains. Nestled in between all of this was his humor. Making us laugh and smile even during the challenges. The laughter lifted us and was done in a unique way that just covered us in love. This quality I hope to carry throughout my life as a warm reminder that life is short...and hard...and laughter can fill people with love when they need it most.

(Just so you know I, Jessica Dilger, wholeheartedly verify the above paragraph is 100% True)

To follow her amazing story Follow her on Instagram @messymildred  and check out her website (click below) 

Go buy her products HEREUse our exclusive Coupon Code: COOPCRATE for a 15% discount on their chicken shampoos!

Throw a Spa Day for your flock and share some photos on Instagram or Facebook don't forget to tag us!  @MessyMildred & @Coop_Crate   (I may have something special in mind for our favorite post)

Kathee, Thank you so much for being you and for caring enough about everyone’s flock to make your amazing products!

 You, friend, are one of my favorites!

Part 2 coming soon!!!! Stay tuned for more amazing Small Businesses for your Flock!


Cluck Cluck!  Jess